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As part of one of the largest and most successful Egyptian Real Estate enterprises, Dar Al Mimar Group (DMG), Mountain View is not simply a matter of real estate and housing; we provide a lifestyle for those who have high standards, the kind of lifestyle we all dream our children will have one day. Mountain View boasts a multinational management team with local and international experience. This unique mixture of local and international expertise gives Mountain View an edge in the Real Estate market, enabling Mountain View to provide unparalleled services with professionalism and creativity. We aim to provide the lifestyle of your dreams, a way of life that most people only aspire to and rarely achieve. We work day and night in order to achieve the end-result of customer satisfaction, and we tailor our services and units to meet each client's specifications and requirements. Whether successful businessmen or young couples starting their lives together, Mountain View provides them a standard of luxuries, peace, healthy and quiet lifestyle for every age group. We also provide them with a community of like-minded persons where they can live harmoniously together and even make and maintain friendships. Welcome to Mountain View; the life you look up to.

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Amr Soliman When we first started out, our dream was to create a community that would take residential life in Egypt to a new level. It is no longer about the housing units alone; our integrated community provides a new way of life and changes how we see the world. We strive to build integrated, lasting communities that share the same beliefs and values, the same ethics and even the same dreams. Our communities are designed to provide a well-rounded way of life for professionals and high-achievers. We help give them the life they seek for their families and their children, and our reward is always seeing the smiles on their children's faces and witnessing their happiness. To achieve this, we recruited a team of the highest calibers; from our engineers to our designers. Only the best work with Mountain View and they all work with passion and dedication, achieving great things only possible when the best calibers cooperate together to turn the dreams of our clients into reality. By dreaming big and challenging ourselves we have succeeded at building state-of-the-art communities where high-achievers such as successful businessmen and their families, can build their homes within a community that meets their high standards. Our dedication to our clients and their satisfaction means that we do not only strive to build excellent real estate units; we offer people a comprehensive lifestyle. We offer them the opportunity to realize their dreams rather than simply to find a place to live. As part of one of the largest real estate groups, Dar Al Mimar Group, we have the resources to make these dreams come true. Our greatest reward is to see the happiness on our clients faces. Through constantly challenging ourselves, we have succeeded in providing them with the lifestyle of their dreams, the lifestyle they all work very hard to achieve for themselves and their families. Their smiles and the joy on their children's faces are the measure of our success.

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