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What is Heartwork ?

Heartwork, innovated by Mountain View, is the 1st International Happy Business Hub in Egypt, designed to afford high levels of luxury and convenience. Heartwork is built around the 4 pillars of happiness, that should exist in every work environment, which revolve around nurturing the Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul. This is in collaboration with DH and CallisonRTKL; leading global firms. It is first of its kind in the Middle East region, while shreds of evidence explain the success of providing happiness in the workplace, that productivity increases by 21%, a 41% increase in retention with a sales boost of 37% which leads to the most important objective; client satisfaction

Adapting to the changing work environment

Adapting to the changing work environment, we have developed products that satisfy the needs of small, medium, and growing businesses

Because we lead by example, we created an environment that makes your employees healthier, happier, and more productive. We take pride in leading the commercial real estate industry into a new horizon of innovation and spreading a culture of workplace positivity through Heartwork.


Adapting to the changing work environment

Unit Types


65m: Catering businesses aiming to have small offices spaces

A fully finished office space specially designated for start-ups and small businesses. Areas starting at 65m2. All tenants of the HQ50 have access to all the facilities and amenities of the DH campus, including the training center, meeting rooms, and more indoor and outdoor workspaces.

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180m-360m: Prestigious Standalone, Own signage and Private Parking and Entrance

Your unique office building is in the heart of the happy business hub, areas starting at 200 Square meters. Our building offers you customizable design, with a variety of indoor and outdoor workspaces. You will also have your private entrance, parking space, and unique company signage.

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3000m2 to 8000m2: Standalone for large companies

This company building is designed for well-established, large enterprises; areas starting at 500 Square meters. Company employees’ have the luxury to enjoy the special amenities offered by the DH campus, in addition to all the other shared facilities that exist within the mind phase of the project.

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80m to 265m: Prioritize Customization, Cost-effectiveness, and Comfort

Adapting to the changing work environment, we have developed a customized product that satisfies the needs of small, medium, and growing businesses. Display your unique company signage, along with your private entrance and parking space. We are offering you the latest shape-shifting space with an innovative design for an exciting professional landscape.

Have your Own signage, Private Parking, and Private Entrance

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